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New software for ER5 *** ClipSwap *** by OSG
Anyone moving/moved to an Eee, 'cos I now love mine :)
EpocSFX by Edo
Frozen Bubble for EPOC
nSys by Neuon
Freeware code for MenuS5 and DirNote
SD Card via PCMCIA
Psion article on "The Register"
Epoc vs Symbian (PC Software)
Read Word 2007 docx-files on a Psion
FileNote official release. SIS file available for download
Transfering files via IR between SIBO and EPOC
Psions and Ordnance Survey maps
Psion Meeting
Revo Plus - Open Case Surgery
Scrabble for the nB
EFRODO C64 Emulator for the Netbook
Series 3 software
Help with OS.img upgrade
Solun update for Sibo and Epoc.
ExAb is freeware
Psion Conan: revo with bluetooth & backlight, ER6
Spectrum Emulator V4 by Palmtop BV
XTM problems
Connecting using the IR modem on recent Nokia phones
FTP Server
Psion 5mx with colour screen
The Little Computer that Could
SSH and MindTerm
Expansys Netbook ROM Upgrades
ImageJ Image editing on a Psion!!!!!!!!!!
Psion Computer Journal
IR Beaming trouble?
Printer drivers howto
Navigator & Z: drive Qs
PocketIQ? Mind mapping?
Internet connection of a 5mx via IR?
Psion Stuff for Sale
Psi-Log thoughts
New EPOC software for 2006
Psion renaissance
D-Link Wireless Compact Flash Type I Card : works on 5mx?
Smooth fonts on NetBook
MagicStor 2.2GB CF Type II 1" Hard Disk and the netBook
FTP failures and sucesses
Weird screen issue w/ backlight
5mx and Nokia 6020 - connecting
RAM vs. CF
"My SchoolBook" ROM
infra red connection
DOS on psion 5mx
TomTom Citymaps - Prague
Pscience5 forum statistics
I own the best PDA.
FTP client programs
May I have Your Opinions Please On The Best Psion Software
Digital Camera
64MB Upgrade foe the netBook
Why do you still use a Psion 7 Netbook Revo etc.
Psion Netbook Refurbished
Wireless Internet
Psion netBook with Psion Dacom Gold LAN Card
IR-printing problem
Martin Guthrie for President
Psion Netbook and 3G connectivity
Export from Safeplace
New forum
New button on Pscience5
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